Saturday, July 23, 2011


paris is...amazing. i've fallen so deeply in love with the city for so many reasons. in all my life paris has been the only city that i've visited and honestly thought that it was worth all of the hype it gets...and paris gets A LOT of hype. every street is so beautiful and each building tells such an individual story. i love that everything is preserved, yet the city doesn't feel stuck in the past.

there's less than a week left in paris, and i'll be sad to leave, but i'm so unbelievably excited for the next part of the trip! as much as i love paris, and as much as i love the girls i've met in the trip, i just can't imagine how much fun it's going to be traveling with kate, paulina, becca and matthias. it's going to be such a different experience and i know that i'll truly have lifelong memories from my month with them! then of course the insanity that will be traveling alone for one month. i think the reflection time will be much needed, though.

i've already learned so much while i've been here, i can't imagine how i'm going to feel by the time it's all over. as much as i feel i've discovered while i'm here, it's also left me even more confused about certain things. i thought that being on my own would solve so many issues i've been dealing with the last few months, but for many of them, it's just left me with more thinking to do.

i can't even imagine what it will be like to come back to los angeles and right back to school once i return. this is going to be a summer of a lifetime, that's for sure.