Friday, December 3, 2010

carry a piece of me

suffocate me;
push me to the limits of my body.
let's see how far i can stretch before
breaking into pieces, shattering around
your feet. don't step on the pieces,
you wouldn't want to tarnish your spotless steps.
carry of piece of me with you
everywhere you go,
i'll drag you down.

blogging has lost so much of its appeal lately. perhaps it's because i'm still in this strange middle ground in los angeles. i feel like on one hand i'm getting closer to some of my friends from home, moving drastically away from others, and all the while constantly meeting new people at ucla. it's as if all of these average together and create mush.

there's ten million things i'm excited for in the coming months, though! the mush feeling is quick to disappear when i remind myself of that: this quarter ending, big bear trip, winter break, home, christmas, a new quarter beginning, learning french, joining new on campus groups, and...

...europe trip 2011! that's right, ladies and gentlemen, i'll be going to europe! my major has a mandatory study abroad summer session and mine is going to be in paris. well, it just so happened that a friend of mine will also be in europe over the summer and us along with two others decided to turn it into a made for tv movie summer abroad! minus the pricey hotels and trade them in with REAL locals who can actually show us the non-tourist aspects of their country! i'm pretty stoked for clubbing in amsterdam, exploring different cultures, drinking beers in germany, celebrating my 21st birthday in a country where that means nothing and getting to know my trip-mates even better!