Thursday, September 2, 2010

in need of a routine change

boredom and my personality do not go well together in my life.

so far, my daily routine involves hanging around the house in pajamas, going to a job which i haven't truly been enjoying, and an occasional walk into westwood for one reason or another. of course there's days where i go out, or hang out with friends or do something similar, but it's just not what i was used to. before leaving san diego, i probably had more friends than i had ever had in my life, and there was always something to do or somewhere to go if i wanted to. and while this summer in los angeles has been already taught me so much, and was so incredibly useful in preparing for the school year, it's just hard to go from such a eventful and busy schedule, to a routine that can mostly be summed by deeming it "boring".

however, after sitting down with an empty day planner online in front of me, and filling in when i'll be in class and a projected idea of when i'll be working/going to the internship (assuming i get it or one with similar hours - which is likely) i can already tell this is going to be a tough adjustment. besides getting used to the much higher difficulty of classes, it's also going to be strange having to keep such a close eye on how much money i'm spending. the free time is going to be ridiculously minimal, and i just hope that i don't have the OPPOSITE problem that i'm having now. i've always been the type of person that fairs well with a busy schedule, but this will definitely top even the busiest that i had ever been before...

my mom is going to visit next weekend (since i might not be able to go home until thanksgiving) and the weekend after that i'm going to san francisco to visit liz and ambar and finally see the city, so that will definitely keep me busy until the quarter starts!