Wednesday, June 30, 2010

thanks a lot, eve.

at the moment, the only thing my mind is focused on is a distant fantasy of taking a knife and ripping out my uterus. oh, how lovely the dream seems in my head.

in other, less menstrual related news (i'm sure the male readers don't appreciate the period shout out, but if we have to suffer through it, you should be forced to listen to it, so, ha!), chris and i have a mission this month to only buy fresh foods. that's not to say we won't eat processed foods, because our kitchen is currently stocked 80% with processed foods after my mom bought us groceries this last weekend, but if we want to buy anything else during the month of july, it has to be fresh. we'll finally have a working oven as of friday! it's a little absurd how ecstatic i am about simply being able to boil eggs. i wish i could say most of my meals look like the above pictured pineapple and grapes, but that's highly unrealistic with a budget as tiny as ours. though, look at how fabulous that bowl is! all of our bowls and plates are mismatched and colorful, so i'll definitely be sharing our little collection as time goes by.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

customer service, we meet again

well, i am now an employed barista at a coffee shop chain frequented by studying ucla students and trendy hipsters alike. i remember in high school circa junior year (aka the rebellious stage) when everyone who needed a job went straight to starbucks and wanted nothing more than to make other people's coffee. while i can't say this job was at the top of my list at this point in my life, especially with a rent that makes you woozy, i'm excited to start the job. the manager specifically told me that of the six stores she's worked at, this was the only one that was drama free and she wants to keep it that way - that was music to my ears! she also mentioned that most of the employees hang out outside of work, so hopefully i can meet some interesting people there.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

too many decisions!

i've been thinking a lot on whether i want to double major at ucla, and i think i've finally come to the decision that i'll just stick with my major in global studies, and add on a minor in political science. at the end of the day, i'll have a full schedule at school, a part time job, extracurricular activities and all of life's other worries to think about before i would even be able to think about a double major. it's hard to remember that sometimes i don't have to do it all. one of the things i've been wanting to work on in los angeles is not feeling like it's my responsibility to do everything and fix everyone's problems, and here i am sabotaging that goal in the first two weeks here! sometimes i feel like i am in a battle with myself.

this week i'm looking forward to a job interview, making sushi and seeing friends from san diego! hopefully all three of those will go well :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

white chocolate ice blended coffee from coffee bean & tea leaf

bookshelves (although, i will love ours much more once my books get here and it will actually be full!)

all of those domestic chores that i previously hated - call me an antifeminist, but i really enjoy making chris meals...albeit they're not the fanciest of meals ;)

diddy riese cookies! yum!

having my own address...though, unfortunately that comes with my own bills, too.

my renewed license coming in the mail. this may seem like a small joy, but you see, my original license was absolutely hideous, but they put the wrong birthday on it, so luckily i had to retake my picture with my new license. somehow, the picture ended up being more flattering than probably any picture i've previously taken in my life, but it got stolen when my car got broken into last year! so, when it came time to renew my license i was overjoyed to discover they'd put my newer, jealously-inducing picture on it, instead of my older, vomit-inducing picture! success.

hell's kitchen. i admit, it's horrible, but i also must admit that i'm addicted! living without cable means a higher chance of me watching anything on hulu - and most of hulu is reality shows.

cuddling on the couch with chris and ninja. an oldie, but goodie, forever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

finally settling down

the whole idea that we've moved (possibly) permanently away from san diego is still so surreal for me. while i've fully accepted our decision with arms wide open, and am actually quite relieved that we did, i still feel as if it hasn't fully sunk in yet. it's strange to think that we haven't seen a familiar face (besides jordan) in two weeks.

los angeles has been lovely, so far. the apartment is all i could have hoped for and so much more. while everyone from san diego gasps when we tell them the rent, we actually got quite the bargain here in westwood, especially considering we're within a short walk to ucla's campus. chris and i have been walking as our main mode of transportation, and that's been one of my favorite changes from the move, by far. it's so refreshing to not spend the majority of the day inside of a cramped car!

it's been shocking at how much more i've been enjoying just relaxing and spending time at home in los angeles, compared to san diego. two weeks ago i was looking for any good excuse to get out of the house, but now i have no problem spending nearly the entire day with chris at the apartment. it's quickly feeling more and more like home than any house i've lived in before and i'm so very thankful for that. ninja isn't adjusting to the move quite as well, but i'm sure she'll come around!

besides finding jobs (though i have one good prospect at the moment!), i really want to concentrate on putting the finishing touches on the apartment! i'm sure the blog will get bombarded with pictures of it once i do :).

i miss you all, and hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, June 14, 2010

hopefully i can catch my breath

everything in los angeles has been nonstop - but we're moving into our apartment tomorrow, so hopefully things will start to settle down!

i have so many thoughts and feelings to share, i'll have no choice but to update nonstop in the coming weeks!