Saturday, February 13, 2010

a child of the sun

today my yearning and deepest-of-heart-wishes for sunshine have been answered! it is indeed sunny and with my open window my bedroom is completely engulfed in rays.

do you ever wake up feeling like you could conquer the world? today is one of those days.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the effects that writing has on me

as some of you may or may not know, for a very long time i thought i would be an english major. i always used to write every chance i had until the last year or so when it's been a slow downwards slope towards being your average college student who only writes when essays are required. words were always what comforted me when i was younger and my family life was too much for me. stories or poems or just endless words that sometimes ended up in sentences and sometimes didn't. so today when i woke up i figured that if i can't find anything to write about, at least i could write about not writing. i've always been told that the only way to cure writer's block is to force yourself to write until it comes naturally again. hopefully in my case if i force myself to write (even if it is about not writing) then i can at least recognize the passion i used to have for it. maybe i can open up a notebook and feel excited about a blank page and relieved once i've filled it.

we shall see.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

drenched in empathy

lately my heart has been quick to spill out all of my emotions at the drop of a hat. this weekend was the busiest i've had in months and it was spent almost entirely with la vida real friends. it's strange having these two distinct groups of friends and trying to mesh the two together. i never understand why others don't try to mix their groups more often. at la vida, for example, almost everyone at la vida has met at least three or four of my friends but i have rarely met any of theirs. whenever i meet new people who i find interesting i want to share them with the entire world so everyone can appreciate their sense of humor and personality.

i'm trying to get back in touch with that part of me that felt a connection with words, but instead these last few months i've felt as if words have betrayed me. they have not been a comfort to me and have not been able to get my emotions or feelings across.

i hope everyone is doing lovely and maybe one day i'll wake up and feel the need to write regularly as i once had.