Thursday, December 31, 2009

things i learned in 2009

a year is only what you make of it, and i can definitely say that 2009 was one of the best years of my life.

things i learned this year:

denny's was my savior and there really needs to be more 24 hour eateries.

drama in the workplace is the worst type of drama in the history of the universe.

even though you do it because you love, care and want the world for them, it's useless to try to convince smokers to stop smoking. not only will you not convince them, but they will inevitably get angry at you.

you're never been dating for too long to say insanely cheesy things to your lover.

road trips teach you heaps about yourself.

people don't listen to reason and logic in an argument, it's better to stick with low blows and go down to their level if you want anything to be done.

friends only want you out of their lives until you take them out of yours, as well. then they instantly get angry at you and want you back.

even though the homework is tedious, the papers are frustrating and the absurd hours you have to wake up to get to class are obscene, getting good grades will always be worth it. there's no better thing you can do than to give yourself unlimited options for the future by trying hard and staying focused.

people will never, ever pay you back for alcohol.

having a big, empty house to yourself will create some of the best and most memorable times you could ask for.

having said house will also quickly reveal how many people will take advantage of you, including good friends.

getting your car getting broken into/all of your shit being stolen (whoaa, this was the first time i realized that happened twice this year) can actually be a good thing and remind you to not be so damn attached to all your meaningless crap.

while cheesy and at times ridiculous, exercise classes will kick your ass into shape in no time.

some of the best adventures come from when everyone around you is broke.

parents do not always know what they're talking about.

bitches will always be bitches. on this same note, i need to stop being friends with girls because they don't like me.

giving anonymous presents is one of the best feelings in the world.

a good relationship will keep the rest of your life afloat, even in the roughest times. chris, our relationship was by far the best part of this year.

each day can be a fresh start, if you wake up with the right mindset.

flossing is crucial in having a healthy set of teeth.

things will get done ten times faster if they're said in a blog.

my list was definitely more negative than the year, overall! i can't wait until 2010. i have a feeling it will surpass the rest by miles.

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

i feel so thankful and full of love.

i hope that you few fellow bloggers who read this, as well as my non-blogging friends who read this realize how amazingly grateful i am for all of you and how frequently i think of you all. it seems like constantly throughout my days i'm thinking of you all, or things that would make you smile or shows or music that reminds me of you. i love you, all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

postsecret inspiration.

a new life goal to add to the list:

help more people than i've hurt.

rays of sunshine in an envelope

i've been thinking about how much smaller my realm of friends have gotten since i've graduated. in theory, the older you get the more people you would surround yourself with, because you've simply met more people and made more friends as the years pass by. today i was counting on my fingers how many people i really care to keep as friends lately. needless to say, the number didn't reach the two digits. i suppose i'm trying to learn what the perfect equilibrium is.

i've been having all of these ideas running through my head lately, yet i haven't been following through with any of them. it's a waste of a creative spurt, that's for sure.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

winter break

while holidays and cold weather are two things i'm not a fan of, i'm still getting quite excited for winter break. even though it's technically only days away, i feel like i'll never reach it sometimes. i still have four papers and two finals to study for and only three days to finish it all. procrastination at it's worst...or maybe at it's best if i get all a's this semester.

jordan is finally in town (!!) as is toni, and andrew and liz will be here soon.

chris and layah were making fun of me last night, because i told them i've acquired an unusually large amount of random followers on tumblr. tumblr is strange to me because the people who typically gain the most followers are the one who simply repost pictures that others have used their talent and energy to make. this is for the most part what i do, also. sometimes i feel like i have a blogging addiction. i think it feeds into this yearning of mine to make human connections that can't hurt me. on tumblr you get the satisfaction of knowing someone wants to see your view of what's beautiful and therefore get that short, sweet feeling of being interesting and wanted. but because there's no direct way to get feedback, no one can really tell you anything negative (unless they really try). i'm sure a psychiatrist would have search for some deep and painful past to explain my interest in blogging. oh well.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

only one more week of school! i am so utterly excited for winter break. i hope to get lots of reading, working out, adventures and good times in.

this silly spanish project being over with. it's been looming over me since i've found out about it, so i'm very relieved right now. a one hour, only spanish speaking, project and we did it quite well, if i say so myself.

survivor is still one of my most favorite shows on television. i don't care about the haters. i haven't missed an episode in nine years and i don't intend on doing it anytime soon!

i am absolutely loving the fluctuation in weather in san diego. sure, it can be frustrating when you're trying to dress in the morning. but a few weeks of warm weather or a few weeks of rainy, cold weather can get old fast. so, at least this way you never get too sick of it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

writer's block

i used to write every day in a journal. now i can't even manage enough words for a blog. things have been tough these last few weeks. i'm hoping to regain some positivity and strength during winter break.

"fourteen things everyone should know

1. At least 5 people in this world, love you so much they would die for you.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you, in some way.

3. The only reason everyone would ever hate you, is because they want to be just like you.

4. A smile from you, can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like you.

5. Every night, someone thinks about you they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. Without you, someone may not be living.

8. You are special and unique, in your own way.

9. Someone that you don’t know event exist, loves you.

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

11. When you think the world has turned it’s back on you, take a look, you most likely turned you back on the world.

12. When you think you have no chance at getting what you want, you probably won’t get it, but if you believe in yourself, you probably sooner or later will get it.

13. Always tell someone how you feel about them, you will fell much better when they know and in the end you’ll be glad you did.

14. Always remember complements you received, forget about the rude remarks. You will go through this life peacefully without grudge."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

okay, so it isn't technically thursday anymore. but that's just a sign that i was so burried in amazing-ness i didn't have time to write a blog!

the living room. maybe it's just a normal 'ol coffee shop, but it has just the right amount of comfy-ness, it's not too quiet or too loud, it has big tables and small tables and couches and chairs and outside seating and inside seating. i mean, variety of seating really is quite important when you pick a coffee shop to go to. plus, the food is absolutely delicious, albeit overpriced. tomato tortellini soup = amazing.

making christmas lists. i typically never, ever have a christmas list and i always just receive money. but this year i could actually come up with a sufficient amount of things that will be useful to me. i'm quite pleased with myself, i must admit.

survivor. chris watched it with me today and i don't care what anyone else thinks of the show, i think it's amazing. it was the show that so many other reality shows have copied and nine years later and i still haven't missed an episode. i love survivor.

ninja. i know she's always on my list, but i can't help it! she has actually been social enough to hang out with the rest of the family even when i'm not home, and that's a big step for her so i'm quite a proud pet owner.

shirts that fit just right. actually this one doesn't refer to me and excuse my bragging-ness, but, well, get over it. so, chris was wearing one of his mars volta shirts and damn he looked good in it! for those of you that have never met chris (or seen him out of his work uniform) he has a freakishly good body considering he eats more mcdonalds than vegetables. and i understand the whole fast metabolism thing, but normally that means you're just a scrawny, skinny boy who eats a lot. but why the hell does he have the same sized muscles and six pack as guys in our spanish class who brag about their workout schedules? either way, i'm perfectly fine with it because i get both a boyfriend and eye candy. and well, i love that any day of the week.

the colbert report. you have to love him.