Thursday, April 23, 2009

things i love thursday

adventures - even when it means coming home with dirty feet

beautiful, beautiful friends inside and outside

getting a's on tests that you didn't study for

realizing that summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

being young, in love, carefree and happy

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh my oh my oh my

my english professor told me there should only be one semicolon per 5-7 page paper.

dear mr. teacherman,

what. the. fuck.

i'm sorry, dear teacher, but you are wrong. i apologize that you did not have the best education and that you still have to ask your honors english class how to spell basic words throughout our hour and a half together, but this is unacceptable. i have been told by four previous english teachers that they like my use of semicolons, colons, and sentence structure in essays and i refuse to take your advice. i will leave them out in your next ridiculous assignment, but this insanity will not remain the second your class ends.

your student

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what happened today:

i finished extremely loud and incredibly close. i started rant.

i watched slumdog millionaire with a few cool folks.

good news: heard that andrew might be coming in for easter.

bad news: heard that jordan might be staying in l.a. for summer.

and now, i am getting more and more anxious for tomorrow's day of school to be over with and spring break to officially start!